Even better than a good idea: putting it into practice.

ROOMHERO brings the interior design sector into the digital age. We use technology to make the often still analog and time-consuming processes of interior fitting much faster and more efficient. Our business model of "digital interior design" is based on the pillars of interior design, IT, real estate and architecture–areas in which we bring a great deal of know-how and practical experience.

We have developed digital workflows that simplify the complex furnishing process and take a great deal of the burden off our customers–from planning to logistics, delivery and assembly. This way, we unite all interior fitting trades under one roof and offer an all-in-one service with only one contact person. This gives our customers the necessary planning security even for large projects.

"Life is complicated enough. Technology should not make it more complicated. It should make it easier."

Interior fitting for residential real estate

Especially in the area of temporary living we prove our expertise and are also available to our customers as consultants. We are interior fitting specialists for serviced apartments, student apartments, micro living, business and staff apartments, which we can even furnish ready to move in, if desired. In the course of this, we stand for quality and sustainability: In today's throwaway society, we are committed to the sustainable use of furniture by paying attention to a particularly high quality. Furniture that is suitable for contract use can withstand even high strains and does not need to be replaced so quickly, which in turn saves resources. We rely on the sharing economy approach and reduce resources and distances in our everyday business through our digital processes.
"The changes in our society create new needs and new markets. ROOMHERO makes residential and commercial spaces fit for increasing demand."

Interior fitting for commercial real estate

Since Q1 2019, we have also been successfully offering our all-in-one service for commercial real estate and are setting up offices, law firms, health practices and coworking spaces. Here, too, we have the zeitgeist in mind: Our office planning focuses on the employee and his or her needs. This is why we go one step further than Workplace Ordinance and query all the needs and individual requirements of our customers in an online configurator. In this way, we can offer them exactly the office that matches their ideas–because the office of the future will not just consist of a table and chair, but will be the centre of life and a place of well-being.
As PropTech, we have made it our goal to solve the challenges of the real estate industry digitally. We want to break up analog processes, make them more efficient and faster. However, the focus of our efforts is always on people, tenants and employees. We want to create spaces in which people can feel comfortable. In doing so, we are committed to sustainability and a resource-saving value chain. This is ROOMHERO, this is Furnishing Future.